2020-2021 ESC Executive Board

President: Lindsey Koelbel

Email: lindseykoelbel@email.arizona.edu

Contact me about: Meeting times and dates, club recognition, and getting more involved within CoE

Executive Vice President: Riley Wagner

Email: rileywagner@email.arizona.edu

Contact me about: ESC internal affairs

Director of Finance: Erik Struckmeyer

Email: erikstruckmeyer@email.arizona.edu

Contact me about: Club funding

Director of Administration: Sehrish Choudhary

Email: sehrish2020@email.arizona.edu

Contact me about: Meeting minutes and club recognition

Director of Corporate Relations: Marco Garcia

​Email: marcojgarcia@email.arizona.edu

Contact me about: 2020 Industry Exposition

Director of Publicity: Amy Cambridge

Email: amycambridge3@email.arizona.edu

Contact me about: Club advertising

Director of Social and Outreach: Katie Slaughter

Email: katieslaughter@email.arizona.edu

Contact me about: ESC events and socials

Director of Alumni Relations: Melanie Macioce

Contact me about: Biannual newsletter and alumni recruitment

Corporate Relations Intern: Nisha Rajakrishna

Contact me about: Reserving a table at the 2020 iExpo

Director of Freshman Engineering Council: Aaron Ramos

Email: ramosa@email.arizona.edu

Contact me about: Joining Freshman Engineering Council

2020-2021 Full Council

2020-2021 Freshman Engineering Council

Alex Velazco
Emerson Moser
Heather Vedeler
Jake Hathaway
Paige Rudy
Sebastian Blanco Miranda
Shae Henley
Vaishnavi Narayanan