2020-2021 ESC Executive Board


President: Lindsey Koelbel

Email: lindseykoelbel@email.arizona.edu

Contact me about: Meeting times and dates, club recognition, and getting more involved within CoE

Executive Vice President: Riley Wagner

Email: rileywagner@email.arizona.edu

Contact me about: ESC internal affairs

Director of Finance: Erik Struckmeyer

Email: erikstruckmeyer@email.arizona.edu

Contact me about: Club funding

Director of Administration: Sehrish Choudhary

Email: sehrish2020@email.arizona.edu

Contact me about: Meeting minutes and club recognition

Director of Corporate Relations: Marco Garcia

​Email: marcojgarcia@email.arizona.edu

Contact me about: 2020 Industry Exposition

Director of Publicity: Amy Cambridge

Email: amycambridge3@email.arizona.edu

Contact me about: Club advertising

Director of Social and Outreach: Katie Slaughter

Email: katieslaughter@email.arizona.edu

Contact me about: ESC events and socials

Director of Alumni Relations: Melanie Macioce

Contact me about: Biannual newsletter and alumni recruitment

Corporate Relations Intern: Nisha Rajakrishna

Contact me about: Reserving a table at the 2020 iExpo

Director of Freshman Engineering Council: Aaron Ramos

Email: ramosa@email.arizona.edu

Contact me about: Joining Freshman Engineering Council

2020-2021 Full Council

Brennan Breen
Christian Tagle
Dashiel Pudwill
Diego Moscoso
Haseeb Irfan
Jaclyn Wycoff
James Wilson
Jaxon Richards
Jesus Arias
Madi Reum
Patrick Procter
Peyton Riegel
Quinn Lamey
Rachel Turner
Tiffani Hamilton
Tiffany Ma
Tyler Gleesing

2020-2021 Freshman Engineering Council

Alex Velazco
Emerson Moser
Heather Vedeler
Jake Hathaway
Paige Rudy
Sebastian Blanco Miranda
Shae Henley
Vaishnavi Narayanan

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