Funding Guidelines

Part of ESC's mission is to support recognized engineering clubs with funding for conferences, projects, and community engagement. Annually ESC provides over $10,000 for such projects with about $1,000 available per club. In order to receive funding from ESC, clubs must be ESC/CoE recognized (as of 2017 they're one and the same - yay!).  ESC recognition requirements can be found below. 

The maximum amount that can be requested by any club is $1000. ESC will not fund a club any more than $1000 for the academic school year. Funding by ESC will not cover food or shirts; however, ASUA funding will provide for club apparel.


*Requesting funding is no guarantee that the total amount requested, or any amount requested, will be distributed to the club*

The funding policy can be found here and under Important Documents.

Sources of Funding

Engineering Student Council Funding

The funding application deadline for Spring 2022 are as follows:


Deadlines will be strictly enforced.  Proposals may be submitted no later than 5:00 PM on the due date 

NOTE: To complete submission process, email completed documents to and CC

College of Engineering Club Funding

The College of Engineering (ENGR) Administration will entertain proposals from ENGR clubs and student professional societies two times per year. The intent of this grant program is to offer financial assistance to ENGR student groups for special projects and programs.  Funds are limited, but in the past ENGR has awarded about $12,000 annually. Please note that each organization may submit as many as two unique proposals a year (one Fall, one 

Spring), and can  only receive funds for a specific project once per academic year.  

Funds will be allocated based on the quality of proposals submitted. Only student organizations recognized by both ASUA and ESC are eligible to submit proposals.

Deadlines will be strictly enforced. Proposals must be submitted no later than 5:00 PM on the due date and should be turned submitted through email to


Important Documents


College of Engineering