Freshman Engineering Council

What is FEC?

Freshman Engineering Council (FEC) is an all-freshman section of ESC. FEC gives freshmen the opportunity to shadow each committee within the council and find what interests them. Furthermore, freshmen learn valuable resume-building and networking skills essential to council membership. 

How do I apply?


Applications for FEC have been  reopened!


The applications will be due Thursday, October 1st at 11:59 pm.


Below is the link to the Google form which will serve as your application. It is recommended to write your responses in a Word document to count characters and save your progress before copying/pasting into the form. Additionally, please email with your resume. 


To completely submit your application: email with your resume. Please

make the subject: "FEC Application" and include your full name and the attached documents in the

email. This is very important, as emails will be filtered based on their content.

Apply here!

Thank you for your interest in FEC! We look forward to reading your applications!

Note: this application period is for freshmen only. Upperclassmen, visit the General Application.

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